What products can be included into Classic Awards categories?

Any cosmetics industrial products or product categories and innovative chemical components, positively affecting the human body. Also, innovative personal care products are considered, including products for cleaning and personal hygiene.

Besides, companies, marketing campaigns, and packaging designs are recognized by judges, too. Products with ingredients of a proven negative effect on the body and health to the extent of regular daily usage will not be considered during the GBWA judging process.

On the wellness side, hotels with excellent and differentiating wellness services, new fitness and wellness technologies, equipment, and systems. On the wellness nutrition side, food supplements, sport nutrition products, herbal teas, functional drinks and organic food products or product categories with an expiration date of not less than 3 months, which help people to lead a healthy life and improve human well-being. Products with high added sugar, salt, and are not appropriate for the consideration of the GBWA jury.

When in doubt, please contact the Award Management Team at support@thegbwa.com.


Category: II. Classic Award categories