The Babyology story before and after becoming a GBWA winner

A year ago, nominations were taking place for the first edition of the Global Beauty and Wellness Awards. We remember last year as a great journey, which helped many brands to overcome their goals and become global winners.

One of those brands was Babyology, the baby-skin and bath-care brand whose products are made of 100% natural, moreover edible ingredients. The brand started on Amazon and by now it has already its own branded webshop.

One of the reasons why Babyology decided to take part in the competition was the GBWA’s large scope of categories, which covers the organic and natural cosmetic industries. Most of the brand’s ingredients are natural or organic, so the brand saw the perfect chance to get more recognition from its market by nominating their Natural Baby Wash & Shampoo.

As a one-of-a-kind brand, Babyology had the perfect opportunity to nominate its unique edible baby product for the “Best Ingredient Baby Shampoo” category, in which it became a well-deserved winner due to the product’s cleansing and foaming agents derived from oat proteins.

The baby brand leveraged the benefits of becoming a GBWA winner by using the GBWA label on their online platforms, like their e-commerce and Amazon stores, advertising as well on their Facebook, Instagram, and Google pages.

As a result of their triumph at the Global Beauty and Wellness Awards 2020, and besides the complications brought by the ongoing pandemic, Babyology’s marketing team confirmed that the brand managed to double its sales compared to the year preceding their victory and online advertising conversion rate increased by more than 5-10% compared to other FB/IG campaigns.

“GBWA definitely took part in our success,” said Babyology’s Marketing Specialist, Dimitar Velikov. “Customers are more likely to buy a product that has been recognized by a person or any authority rather than a product that no one talks about. Especially in our category – baby bath and skincare – moms read a lot about the products including other moms’ recommendations and testimonials, ingredients, prizes and etc.”.

Babyology is one of those brands that prove that a Global Beauty and Wellness Awards victory can increase brand equity, growth, and differentiation. What are you waiting to nominate yours? Nominations for the 2021 competition are already open!

Check out Babyology’s 2020 winning product here.


May 31, 2021

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