Natural, Sustainable & Innovative Skincare Brands at Beauty Istanbul 2022

We were astonished by the multiple innovations we discovered at this year’s Beauty Istanbul in the cosmetics, personal care, perfumery, hygiene, and wellness categories.

One of the proposals we stumbled upon was NATURADEA, an Italian cosmetics brand that creates clean formulas with innovative and natural ingredients.

NATURADEA’s product Happydea is perfumed water with an exclusive ingredient formula based on Rhodiola Rosea, which provides relaxing, anti-stress and wellness effects when applied to the skin. The product also contains Aloe vera juice which soothes and moisturises the skin.

According to the brand’s creators, Happydea provides a feeling of ‘happiness’ as soon as it touches the skin. Their start ingredient Rhodiola Rosea is often used to give the skin an appearance rich in well-being.

Another interesting brand was IVA NATURA, an organic-certified Turkish cosmetics brand that uses natural extracts such as liquorice, blueberry or grape seed oil in their product formulas. Some of IVA NATURA’s unique products are masks, exfoliators, toning lotions and moisturisers.

We discovered as well the Pakistani brand Primary Skincare, a clean, natural, and cruelty-free skincare brand with unique products and all-in-one formulas.

One of Primary Skincare’s start products is the Oil to Milk Cleanser, an innovative oil cleanser that turns into a milky consistency once mixed with water. This innovative product removes all oil-based impurities and can be rinsed clean with water.

Numee is another innovative skincare brand we came across with. This Spanish clean beauty brand offers a line of unisex skincare products to cater to the needs of all skin types at an affordable point price.

Serums, moisturisers, toning lotions and makeup removers are some of Numee’s best sellers. The brand uses well-curated formulations that include natural ingredients such as betaine beet, green seaweed or ginkgo Biloba extracts.

Innovative brands like these are welcome to participate in the Global Beauty and Wellness Awards 2022. Aside from innovation, the evaluation focuses on clean formulas, sustainability and effectiveness.

Nominations for the Global Beauty and Wellness Awards 2023 will be open from February. Check out our FAQ with all the details about the award!

October 27, 2022

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