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The Global Beauty and Wellness Awards 2020 – Nominations Open

Real Prestige and Growth for Brands

We are sure you will agree that many cosmetics, food products and hotel services simply require just one final boost to become industry blockbusters. With the Global Beauty & Wellness Awards (GBWA), this can happen. The Award has become popular due to known industry difficulties in differentiating brands in the award categories.

The GBWA 2020 promotes and includes the full vertical of the beauty, organic food and nutritional supplement industries. Also, hotels with wellness services are encouraged to apply. Extraordinary companies, as well as their owners and managers, deserve recognition, just as consumers deserve to be informed about the very best in the market. This is only possible with the Global Beauty & Wellness Awards, which is a truly global, independent and merit-based award with highly prestigious jury members.

Why do brands apply for the GBWA?

The marketing value of being a finalist and especially an Award winner in the Global Beauty & Wellness Awards, together with being able to put an elegant and prestigious label on packaging together its use in marketing communications and PR will bring unique opportunities. It will have a huge boost to a brand, its sales and revenues.

GBWA offers a real branding USP for ambitious, marketing savvy cosmetics or organic food products, nutritional supplements and wellness hotels. According to industry experts, the GBWA label’s market value and the Award’s ROI is outstanding and unquestionable. GBWA is a flagship initiative of Dublin based FMM Services Agency (Follow Me Agency), the founder of the second-largest influencer Beauty & Trend Festival and Award in Europe. Management Team has worked with industry professionals, business, and marketing experts to work out the methodology of this truly global award system including the unique Special Awards as well as the judging mechanism.


Why the Global Beauty and Wellness Awards?

While several smaller and a few larger-scale awards already existed, industry leaders needed an award with the unique combination of all of the following criteria at the same time, since most known initiatives lack at least three or more criteria:

  1. independent of any media group, blog, a news source
  2. independent of sponsors, award judging is fully merit-based
  3. independent of Industry Associations or exhibition organizers (though happy to cooperate of course)
  4. highly prestigious, and truly global
  5. widely publicized and advertised, seen by professionals and consumers alike
  6. backed by jury members of unquestionable reputation and caliber

Finally, an award system exists that meets all these criteria.

Only awards of real prestige make true marketing sense

Current jury composition guarantees that the quality of decision-making will be unquestionable. Members include Nadja Swarovski, Board member of Swarovski Group, the Global CMO of Unilever, who is the CEO of Korea as well, Board member of ICEHOTEL AB and ex European HR Director of Moet Hennessy (a member of LVMH Group) and Global SVP HR for Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts. Further members are the Founder and President of the Global Wellness Tourism Association, a global top executive and partner of an Israeli investment group currently building a boutique hotel portfolio in three continents, a top New York and Miami based fashion and travel blogger who is an award-winning designer and a former Ralph Laurent executive, and the ex-US CMO of Reckitt Benckiser, who was also the Head of Unilever’s Innovation Center.

Nominations are received in 100+ categories, but you can create your own category, too.

Industry associations and managers gave a definite approval to the judging concept when they found out that brands would be finally able to submit nominations in all categories in four market segments: luxury, super-premium, premium, and popular to avoid an unfair battlefield among completely different quality segments.  Also, male and female categories are evaluated separately.

You can have product awards for almost any cosmetics, let them be traditional or organic. Even equipment and technologies can be nominated. Additionally, the best marketing campaigns or packaging designs are welcome to participate, as well.  Also, the most innovative, fastest-growing and most successful emerging brands are also able to finally be acknowledged. Among corporations, the best organic product manufacturers and the most innovative and sustainable companies will receive awards.

In the wellness category, several hotel applications are expected, but new wellness and fitness technologies can be also acknowledged. Innovation, marketing success is appreciated in this segment, as it is for the nutritional supplements and organic food and drink categories as well (with at least 90 days shelf life).

Voting happens electronically without any personal discussion, members cannot be influenced, neither by each other nor by applicants, Decision-making is transparent and democratic.

’’Special award categories” created by applicants – only in the GBWA.

If you didn’t find the category with the best fit for your brand, there is a unique opportunity for you to create a new category within the GBWA. You simply add a new selection criteria to the standard ones on the website.

Timing of the GBWA

  1. Submit nominations from End August 2020.
  2. Product submissions to be finished by the End of September to one of the global hubs.

4, Judging process and decision-making by the middle of October

5, Awards ceremony until early November offline or online depending on the status of the global epidemics

Make a real boost to branding and sales. Get details and send your nomination here:

January 7, 2015
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