The Success Story of Swiss Brand ananné After Becoming a GBWA Winner

After closing the 2022 nominations, the team of the Global Beauty and Wellness Awards is proud to have helped numerous companies to gain recognition from the industry and consumers alike.

An example of these brands is ananné, a natural ingredients cosmetics company founded by a physician and manufactured in Switzerland.

In 2021, ananné became a winner of the Best Sustainable Facial Product category. The company chose the product SOLACIUM Oil Serum to enter the competition. Their purpose was to gain international recognition and have the chance to compete against the big players in the beauty world.

We were in touch with ananné recently and had the chance to chat with them about their experience after their GBWA victory.

Silva Imken, ananné’s Marketing and Communications Director mentioned that after the COVID-19 pandemic, it has not been easy for the brand to achieve its planned sales results. Silva said that winning an Award like the GBWA has helped the brand to underline the credibility of a product and build trust with the consumers.

Silva mentioned that a GBWA victory can increase brand equity and help differentiation as it increases the brand and product’s value.

The niche brand leveraged its victory by communicating the award both online and offline. They focused on communicating on their website, where the product was branded with the award logo, and on social media.

Finally, Silva mentioned that they were attracted to participate in the GBWA as most awards were focused on a single country. “We see ourselves as an international brand, as we sell worldwide. Therefore, an award like the GBWA, which reflects this internationality, is particularly interesting. And since you’re competing against the whole world, the award represents special recognition!” said Silva.

ananné is one of those brands that decided to participate in the GBWA and now are reaping the benefits of their victory. It is proven that a GBWA award can increase brand equity, growth, and differentiation.

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Check out ananné’s 2021 winning product here.


December 20, 2022

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