V. Nominations

The GBWA is a fully democratic award system. Anybody can propose a product or a service for an award:
  • the brand itself
  • consumers, who have already used the product or the service
  • experts familiar with the latest products and services in the cosmetics, food, food supplement, fitness, wellness and hotel industries.
Category: V. Nominations

Products must be on shelves or sold electronically in the country of origin on the day of application and after the award ceremony as well. Services, technologies, and know-hows nominated should be in operation at the time of nomination and after the award ceremony as well. Organic food products must have at least 90 days of expiry from production date.

Category: V. Nominations

Yes, it is, but fees are non-refundable.

Category: V. Nominations

Your payment should be fully processed and nomination submitted by the official deadline of the award.

Category: V. Nominations

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