IV. Jury

This is strictly prohibited. Jury members or award management team members cannot be approached directly or indirectly by applicants in relation to the nominee’s status in the competition. Any attempt will lead to the immediate exclusion of the applicant from the competition without fees being repaid by the GBWA.
Category: IV. Jury

Criteria depend on the category. Product and product category awards are given to nominees who perform well in most of the above factors: composition innovation, support healthy lifestyle without compromises, have a positive physiological effect on the target group based on laboratory analysis, are superior to competitors and have an overall impact based on packaging, smell, texture, efficacy, and effect on body. Companies and products’ sustainability approach is also evaluated. The jury is primarily considering objective parameters that can be refined by the results of the Award Management team’s individual research on companies and products, whenever necessary.

Category: IV. Jury

Management team and a pre-selection jury assesses the candidates’ applications and prepares a shortlist. All jury members receive one sample and the complete documentation of the nomination. Jury members may contact advisors. Each jury member ranks nominations in each category for the No, 3, 2 and 1 place. No. 1 receives 3 points, No. 2 receives 2 points, while No. 3 receives 1 point from each jury member. We add up the values of the votes and the nomination with the highest amount will be the winner.

In case there are two or three nominations with an equal value, then the vote of the Chairman of the given Jury committee is decisive. The jury is not allowed to communicate with each other; voting is going on completely independently so that nobody is able to influence the decision of the jury or any of its members. Only the name of category chairmen will be published for the general public in order to avoid any attempt to influence the jury’s decision. Voting process for the GBWA is stricter than that of the Nobel Prize:


Category: IV. Jury

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