III. Special Award categories

Special Awards are of high prestige as well, since they are also judged by the same jury and go through the same judging process. Still, Classic Awards represent the top of the industry recognition, and Award Management Team suggests that you go for such an Award, whenever you can, since these are of outstanding value. Special Awards allow applicants to identify genuine, existing niches, and these awards may support specific brand marketing objectives. Since the number of applicants will be smaller for special niches, the chances of winning such an award are higher. However, your proposed category should not be so specific that it may exclude too many products from nomination.

The process related to Special Awards requires more attention and time from the Management Team since it has to decide whether the category proposed is applicable or not, also, on which jury members will be most relevant for the given nominees, and it needs to adjust website structure to any new categories. Besides, there is an extra communication workload for the organizers of these awards. However, chances are also higher that you will win in the category selected by you.

The GBWA Management team wanted to provide the opportunity to any company, who considers any of its products or product categories so special that they do not fit any of the classic nomination categories to be able to participate in the GBWA. Also, Award Management Team is aware that specialized niche products target a specific circle of consumers, which cannot be part of a standardized award system. However, these companies are worth acknowledgment, and the GBWA offers a flexible alternative for them. Aside, these awards are excellent tools to support marketing objectives while considering prestige at the same time.

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