I. About the Award

Yes, GBWA is arranged every year.
Category: I. About the Award

There are awards arranged by fashion media, exhibition organizers, bloggers, and industry associations. According to industry professionals, some of these awards are of short-term fame, others have limited categories, while others have a small jury with less known personalities. Aside, some of them are sponsored and have no genuine prestige.

The Global Beauty & Wellness Award eliminates all these bottlenecks and represents an independent, prestigious award system for over 100 categories, where nominations are judged by a global panel of judges with unquestionable integrity. Moreover, the GBWA is supported by top industry associations and it receives international publicity.

Category: I. About the Award

II. Classic Award categories

The truly global character, the organizational methodology, the highest integrity judging process, the 100% independent character of the award, the unquestionable composition of top judges make GBWA unique in the world. There is no better comparison than to the Nobel Awards, which have a widely accepted, credible mechanism. However, the process for selecting the GBWA winners is even stricter than that of the Nobel Prize:




Any cosmetics industrial products or product categories and innovative chemical components, positively affecting the human body. Also, innovative personal care products are considered, including products for cleaning and personal hygiene.

Besides, companies, marketing campaigns, and packaging designs are recognized by judges, too. Products with ingredients of a proven negative effect on the body and health to the extent of regular daily usage will not be considered during the GBWA judging process.

On the wellness side, hotels with excellent and differentiating wellness services, new fitness and wellness technologies, equipment, and systems. On the wellness nutrition side, food supplements, sport nutrition products, herbal teas, functional drinks and organic food products or product categories with an expiration date of not less than 3 months, which help people to lead a healthy life and improve human well-being. Products with high added sugar, salt, and are not appropriate for the consideration of the GBWA jury.

When in doubt, please contact the Award Management Team at support@thegbwa.com.


III. Special Award categories

Special Awards are of high prestige as well, since they are also judged by the same jury and go through the same judging process. Still, Classic Awards represent the top of the industry recognition, and Award Management Team suggests that you go for such an Award, whenever you can, since these are of outstanding value. Special Awards allow applicants to identify genuine, existing niches, and these awards may support specific brand marketing objectives. Since the number of applicants will be smaller for special niches, the chances of winning such an award are higher. However, your proposed category should not be so specific that it may exclude too many products from nomination.

The process related to Special Awards requires more attention and time from the Management Team since it has to decide whether the category proposed is applicable or not, also, on which jury members will be most relevant for the given nominees, and it needs to adjust website structure to any new categories. Besides, there is an extra communication workload for the organizers of these awards. However, chances are also higher that you will win in the category selected by you.

The GBWA Management team wanted to provide the opportunity to any company, who considers any of its products or product categories so special that they do not fit any of the classic nomination categories to be able to participate in the GBWA. Also, Award Management Team is aware that specialized niche products target a specific circle of consumers, which cannot be part of a standardized award system. However, these companies are worth acknowledgment, and the GBWA offers a flexible alternative for them. Aside, these awards are excellent tools to support marketing objectives while considering prestige at the same time.

IV. Jury

The pre-selection jury will be in charge of pre-screening nominations and narrowing down finalists into 2-4 products per category before the main jury decides the winners. They will vote electronically, as would the main jury members.


Category: IV. Jury

In the case of a high volume of applications arriving at the hubs, the GBWA Team will arrange a pre-selection jury. The pre-selection jury members will be made up of industry professionals and industry association management teams. These members are to be as prestigious as the main jury members.


Category: IV. Jury

This is strictly prohibited. Jury members or award management team members cannot be approached directly or indirectly by applicants in relation to the nominee’s status in the competition. Any attempt will lead to the immediate exclusion of the applicant from the competition without fees being repaid by the GBWA.

Category: IV. Jury

Criteria depend on the category. Product and product category awards are given to nominees who perform well in most of the above factors: composition innovation, support healthy lifestyle without compromises, have a positive physiological effect on the target group based on laboratory analysis, are superior to competitors and have an overall impact based on packaging, smell, texture, efficacy, and effect on body. Companies and products’ sustainability approach is also evaluated. The jury is primarily considering objective parameters that can be refined by the results of the Award Management team’s individual research on companies and products, whenever necessary.

Category: IV. Jury

Management team and a pre-selection jury assesses the candidates’ applications and prepares a shortlist. All jury members receive one sample and the complete documentation of the nomination. Jury members may contact advisors. Each jury member ranks nominations in each category for the No, 3, 2 and 1 place. No. 1 receives 3 points, No. 2 receives 2 points, while No. 3 receives 1 point from each jury member. We add up the values of the votes and the nomination with the highest amount will be the winner.

In case there are two or three nominations with an equal value, then the vote of the Chairman of the given Jury committee is decisive. The jury is not allowed to communicate with each other; voting is going on completely independently so that nobody is able to influence the decision of the jury or any of its members. Only the name of category chairmen will be published for the general public in order to avoid any attempt to influence the jury’s decision. Voting process for the GBWA is stricter than that of the Nobel Prize:


Category: IV. Jury

V. Nominations

The GBWA is a fully democratic award system. Anybody can propose a product or a service for an award:

A company’s brand manager, an agency account, a journalist, or a private person who has already used the product or the service.

If a company itself is nominating a product or service, it has to pay a small fee to help maintain the award’s management. In this case, as a winner, it will be allowed to use the Award’s brand identity visuals like a label on their products, packages, and advertising communications. This will be included in the nomination fee.

If a private person is nominating a product, neither they nor the brands pay for this. However, if any of these brands will win, they won’t be able to use the award’s brand identity visuals unless they pay a significantly higher fee.



Category: V. Nominations

Products must be on shelves or sold electronically in the country of origin on the day of application and after the award ceremony as well. Services, technologies, and know-hows nominated should be in operation at the time of nomination and after the award ceremony as well. Organic food products must have at least 90 days of expiry from production date.

Category: V. Nominations

Yes, it is, but fees are non-refundable.

Category: V. Nominations

The official deadline for nominations this year is June 30th. Your payment should be fully processed and nomination submitted by the official deadline of the award.

Category: V. Nominations

VI. Payment and fees

No, all bank charges should be borne by the applicant. Fees indicated in the table are net fees.

Once paid, fees are final and not returnable.

Yes, it is, but fees are not returnable.

VII. Samples and sample delivery

It can take a few weeks for items to arrive at the hub via regular mail, so it is advised to send them to your closest hub as soon as you start with the nomination process by courier mail. Please send by an international courier service such as DHL, FEDEX, TNT if possible, or by your local courier service. Don’t forget to enclose an invoice with a nominal value of USD 1. Write “samples without commercial value, not for resale” and “award nomination” and “free of charge” on the invoice as well.

Samples should be packaged in a way not to suffer any harm during delivery. Award Management team is not responsible for such damages, which might affect the jury’s decision. Original company or brand packaging is required, products should not be anonymous.

Arrival time of your products to any of our depots worldwide.

IX. Award ceremony

Since the pandemia, we do not arrange live Award ceremonies. If it happens to change in the future, we will let winners know.
By default, the Award Management team supposes that winners will take over their awards at an award ceremony; however, in case it is not possible, the digital awards will be sent by email to the Award winners’ email addresses and to the applicant’s name as was listed in the nomination. This service is free of charge.


Category: IX. Award ceremony

X. Timing

Regular fee nominations will be accepted starting on 20 March until the end of the nomination period on 20 August 2024.

By 20 August 2024, companies must have sent five samples of their nominated products to our GBWA hub (address to be confirmed).

The evaluation process will take place electronically during September.

The winners will be announced and notified via email on 30 September 2024.

Category: X. Timing
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