The Global Beauty and Wellness Awards (GBWA) have over 100 categories recognizing not only innovative and sustainable products, but also marketing campaigns and packaging designs in nearly all cosmetics industry product segments from head to toe. The GBWA recognizes the best cosmetics, organic food and food supplement producers, as well as hotels or hotel chains, wellness and fitness technologies.



Classic Awards

Special Awards

You may nominate one or more of your products, brands, product categories, service, technology, know-how and equipment. You can find these categories in the table below.

If you don’t find a category meeting your nomination intentions, propose a new one as a Special Award for Beauty and Wellness Excellence. If accepted by Award Management Team, it will be open up to other nominees as well afterwards, but still gives you a good chance of winning due to the reduced competition.

Please select the required award category by filters and add it to your basket. Select each nomination category after one another from one to 20 times the most. Add all of them to your basket. Pay before or after putting together your nomination.

Special Awards might include awards for similar categories like “Classic” ones. For example, different age groups or skin types can be recommended for a product. If you find such differentiation important for you and your brand, go for a new Special Award category!

You can nominate the same brand for a Classic and for a Special category as well! In this case, standard fees apply in both categories individually.

The more you specify a category, the higher the chance for you to stand out among others. However, awards, being too specific, will not be considered as alternatives to classic awards and might be refused by the Award Management Team.

You can edit your nomination as many times as you want after registration. If you find the right category among standard ones, please, select. If you don’t find the category best fitting your product, create a new one as a Special Award!



  • Only  195 £ per product, if you nominate 2 products.
  • Or only 117,5 £ per product if you nominate 4 products!
  • Only 63 £ per product, if you nominate 10 products!

You can pay by bank transfer, credit or debit card. It is important that you write your company name and nomination confirmation number as a “note” with any bank transfer.



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